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Wickwar Out Of School Club

Sickness, Accidents, First Aid and Emergencies

  • If a child becomes ill at a club session, every attempt will be made to contact one of the people listed on the registration form to arrange collection of the sick child. The child will be cared for until collected.
  • In the case of a minor accident, basic first aid will be administered. In the case of an accident, requiring more than basic first aid every attempt will be made to contact the parent/carer to advise or discuss with him/her the course of action to be taken. All accidents and emergencies are entered in the Accident Book.
  • The Registration Form contains an authorization giving the Club permission to act in loco parentis. If the parent/carer cannot be contacted in time, the Club will invoke the authority to act to gain appropriate medical treatment for the child. If you do not wish to give such authorisation please ensure you tick the relevant box identifying this.
  • Please note there is always a first-aider on duty at the Club.