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Wickwar Out Of School Club

Arrivals and Departures


  • Before School Club: Children should be brought into the Community Room from 7.45am onwards and parents / carers must sign the children in stating their time of arrival.
  • After School Club: Juniors will make their own way from their classroom to the club premises on site at AHPS. Reception and infant children will be met by a member of club staff directly from their classroom and escorted to the club premises.
  • Children attending from other schools will be signed in by a member of staff. If these children fail to arrive on time the parents/carers of these children will be telephoned by an agreed time on a reachable telephone number. Staff of the club are not responsible for these children until they arrive and are signed in.
  • The club staff will collect infant children from ‘school enrichment clubs’ and bring them into the club.
  • Holiday Club: Children must be signed in and out by parents / carers (those named in the registration document).


  • Before School: The children will be taken to the school premises at the start of the school day.
  • Holiday and After School Club: All children must be collected by 6.00pm by one of the persons named on the Registration Form. A child will not be allowed to leave with anyone else unless the club has written authorisation from one of the persons named on the form. The parent or carer or authorised person must sign the register prior to departure.
  • In the case of a possible delay collecting a child from the after school or holiday club, please ring the staff.