Registration Information - September 2020


Re-registration is required for All children who will require either regular or casual sessions from WOOSC in the next academic year (See downloadable Registration form). Places are not carried over each year, and a separate form is required for each child to guarantee their place.
Places will be allocated in three rounds based on the date the signed forms were received on a first come first served basis (FCFS) as per our published Admissions & Fees policy. This year the dates are as follows:
Round 1 - Current parents who submit forms prior to 1st May 2020 and up to 22nd May 2020 either in paper or e-versions will be allocated spaces first (in date order/FCFS).
Round 2 ​ - Current parents who submitted forms between 23rd May and 31st May 2020 then parents new to WOOSC will be allocated spaces next (in date order/FCFS).
Round 3 - Forms received via paper or email on or after 1st June 2020 (start of Term 6) will be allocated any remaining spaces (in date order/FCFS).
* We will issue you with one reminder via email if we have not received a registration form from you in Round 1. The reminder will be sent in the last week of Term 5 (w/c 18th May).
* We DO NOT HOLD current sessions for you but assume you are likely to need similar sessions year on year when forecasting availability.
* WOOSC will start allocating places NEXT TERM (Term 5). Availability Updates will be posted in club weekly and will be displayed with the daily sign in sheets.
* Incomplete forms will not be accepted as booking confirmation. (i.e. include Care Plan, Permission to Administer Medicine & Privacy sections)
* If a session is fully booked, WOOSC will operate a waiting list for all further requests to book the session in order of the dates the registration forms were received.